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"My experience includes single commisions as well as group projects.I now seek to find a diverse quality oriented team with which to integrate bringing experience with efficiency, and excellence in performance.Whether I'd be working on game design, in an advertising agency or a publishing house is immaterial,as long as the projects are stimulating and challenging.


June 5 2003 - Present ....FREE-LANCE once again ...

June 1 2001-June 4 2003 LEAD GAME GRAPHIC ARTIST for PixelStorm
1999-2000 CUT-SCENE BACKGROUND ARTIST for Prelusion's new game "Gilbert Goodmate"
1995-1997 CREATIVE CONSULTANT(part time) for On SPEC Magazine(originally Co-ARTDirector)

1977-Present FREE-LANCE COMMERCIAL ARTIST(full time) Corporate & Private Commisions Engaged in:
** Including ALL of the following **

Computer Graphic Layout & Illustration w/ Corel Graphics 4.0-6.0 ,Fractal Painter(PC),Adobe Illustrator(Mac),Adobe Photoshop 4.0 - 7.0 (PC)
Book Illustration(covers & interior plates-b&w and colour)
Website Graphics - Art, Logos and Animations
Poster Design for Events and Rock Bands
Logo and Business Card Design
Ad Design and Layout;Yellow Pages,flyers,newspaper
Album Cover Design
Illustrative Comic Art
Wall Murals;commercial and residential
Custom Vehicular Enhancement;murals,graphicsand lettering on cycles,autos,vans and trucks
Window Decoration;sandblasted and painted
Classroom Demonstrations(airbrush);elementary and secondary schools

1991-1993 ART INSTRUCTOR-DRAWING COURSE(evenings) Continuing Education,Edmonton Public Schools

1975-1977 MURAL ARTIST-Motorcycles,Vans(full time)Claude's Paint Shack,Windsor Ontario -Engaged in handbrush and airbrush illustration and graphic design
1972-1976 PORTRAIT ARTIST & CARICATURIST-Watercolour(full time-summers) Bob-lo Island Amusement Park,Amherstburg,Ontario


University of Windsor,Windsor,Ontario
Courses in Drawing,Creative Design,Art History
and Philosophy(2nd year)
University of WindsorWindsor,Ontario
Courses in Physics,Chemistry,Calculus,Algebra and Philosophy
Art Editor and Contributing Artist for campus newspaper,"the LANCE"
1973 HONOURS DIPLOMA in Arts and Science
Vincent Massey Collegiate Institute,Windsor,Ontario
Art and Poster Club(1970-71,1971-72)
Contributing Artist for yearbook"Pegasus"(1973)
Poster Co-ordinator,Student Elections(1972-73)



On Spec Magazine
-Covers & Interior Short Story Illustrations-
(Date Issue Published-"Story Title" by Author)

Fall 1991 - "Going Home" by Jena Snyder
Fall 1992 - "Children in Boxes" by Sally McBride
Spring 1993 - "Kissing Hitler" by Erik Jon Spigel
Winter 1993 - "Home" by Luke O'Grady
Spring 1994 - COVER "AcID rAiN" & "Happy Eating On Urgath 3" by Jason Kapalka
Fall 1994 - "A Tattoo on Her Heart" by Charles De Lint
Fall 1995 - "Third Time Lucky" by Tanya Huff
Winter 1994 - "Whose Lifeboat" by Keith Scott & "Gone To Earth and Ashes" by William Southey
Winter 1995 - "And Who Is Joah?" by Tanya Huff
Spring 1996 - COVER - "Faeries Wear Boots"
Summer 1996 - "The Last Lesson" by Tanya Huff
Fall 1996 - "Be It Ever So Humble" by Tany Huff
Winter 1996 - "The Second Coming" by Heather Fraser & "Empty Interiors" by Wayne Santos
Winter 1997 - "The Hills" by Willian Southey & "Bullbreaker" by Elizabeth Westerbrook
Spring 1997 - "Castorologia" by Steve Zipp
Fall 1997 - "New World Man" by Cliff Burns & "The Healing Fountain" by Hayden Tenholm
Spring 1998 - "The Vivaldi Connection" by Susan MacGregor & "Music Monkey" by David Chato
Fall 1998 - "The Sorcerer's Wife" by Edo von Belkom & "...And the Retrograde Mentor" by Hugh Spencer & "The Vergers:First Story" by fiona heath
Winter 1998 - COVER - "Do You Think They're Friendly?" & "Queen's Move" by Leslie Lupien
Spring 1999 - "Herons" by Michael Skeet & "Love Knot" by Jena Snyder
Summer 1999 - "Water,Circle,Moon" by Sally McBride & "The Final Show" by Buddy Young
Fall 1999 - "Lost Jenny" by Derryl Murphy & "Final Improvement" by Scott Mackay
Winter 1999 - "Smashing Windows" by Douglas Ivison & "The Fireweed Eldorado" by Joe Murphy
Spring 2000 - COVER - "I do gotz a Rolex. It's a cozy little Class M homeworld..."
Summer 2000 - "Understanding" by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Fall 2000 - "Wrong Dreaming" by Kain Massim
Spring 2001 - COVER _ "Beat Root"
Winter 2002 - Art Feature - 6 pages
Spring 2006 - COVER - "Where There's Smoke" (50th Issue Special)



by Martyn Godfrey
"The Things" - COVER + 13 interior ink illustrations
"Mall Rats" - COVER + 14 interior ink illustrations

by Lyle Weis
"Bush Party" - COVER + 13 interior ink illustrations
"Burn It" Cover + interior ink illustrations


"Tune Up Your Mind & Your Life" by Jeff Kuryk M.A. C.Psych.
COVER Painting and 14 Ink Chapter Illustrations


COVER and Game Art for "Gilbert Goodmate & The Mushroom of Phungoria"


COVER for "Hugo's New Home Brew" Edited by Don Bassie and Karen Bennet


COVER for SFWA's "the Bulletin" to Commemorate the Founder
"The Country of the Kind" by Damon Knight


COVER - ASFA Quarterly
(Note: Their first colour cover)


COVER- "Apparition Trail" by Lisa Smedman



2004- Con-Version XXI - Program Cover and Interior illustrations(6)
and T-Shirt

2005 - Westercon 58 - Covers for Program Guide & Restaurant Guide


2005 - CD Cover and Intro Graphic of "Visions From The Edge"
documentary by Roadhouse Films
(Note: Also appear as one of the featured artists.)


2006 - Design for "Andre Norton Award" for SFWA



Numerous awards of merit and excellence - VincentMassey C.I. Student Art Exhibitions (1969-1973) Peter Bering - Intructor
Poster Contest - intermediate winner,CJOM FM (Windsor-Greater Detroit area) 1973
Album Cover Contest-"Homegrown '80", CIRK FM (Edmonton area) 1980
Album Cover Contest-"Alberta Crude", CHED AM (Edmonton Area) 1981
Concert Banner Contest-"Rock Cirkus", CIRK FM (Edmonton area) 1981
Auto Show Awards for numerous clients. Most noteworthy were two "Star Wars" vans which captured the top awards,plaques and trophies in Edmonton, Seattle and Portland-1978
Best of Show- "Easyriders Seattle Bike Show"1993,Full Murals on "El Diablo (appeared in Easyriders, Sept. 1993 Issue)
Sign Contest-"the Morning Zoo for MAYOR", the Bear (Edmonton area)1995
Also Nominated for the Aurora Award , for "Artistic Achievement" in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 & 2004.
Won the Aurora Award for Artistic Acievement 2002


SFCanada - Joined July 2003
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists [A.S.F.A.] - Joined August 2003


As a youngster,my extra-curricular activities revolved around learning about the world around us.This included the usual outdoors "stuff";camping,hiking,canoeing.This kindled my artistic aspirations.As an adult,I round myself out with the aesthetics of:skiing(either surface),science fiction as well as fact,gaming;its design and social importance ,and trying to understand the ramifications of what it is to be "human".

"Artists must be gregarious of mind,with a heightened and honed ability to draw upon a working knowledge and fundamental desire to understand the many facets of the universe about them".(JFB)


Mats Ohr
Lead Animator
Prelusion Inc.
Oneslingan 11
S-832 51 Froson
Phone: +46 (0)63-10 23 86

Randy Morse
OZ New Media

Betty Dielmann
Program Coordinator:Art,Photography Continuing Education,Edmonton Public Schools

Lori Banack
Owner of Banack's Body Shop

Danny Macaras
DMT Records

Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
Award Winning Art Director(1990-95) On Spec Magazine


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