A Special Note
We lost Robert Jordan on Sunday, September 16 2007. He moved many of the already converted
and opened up alot of minds to fantasy and what it could be.
He will be sorely missed.

James Beveridge

What can be said about these books that isn't found on the many sites devoted to Robert Jordan's lavish and extravagant fantasy epic?Probably very little. However this series only came into my realm fairly recently.I had passed over partaking of these volumes until this year.The main reason is that I've generally avoided "Best Sellers" over the years.A hardcore attitude,sure,but a sales figure isn't in my criteria for adding a book to my reading list.Needless to say I was surprised and susequently drawn into the miasmic fervor of "The Wheel".
With several pages left in my latest sketchbook laying bare,I decided to try my hand after visiting many of the Wheel of Time websites and seeing others' visions.

With thanks to all of the others compelled to visualization,here are my contributions to the Thread.

A Special Note!
I'd like to thank of you fine folk that have visited my page in past,many more than once.I have been too busy these past few months to add to this site.I have taken on additional spare time work with a computer game company to do backgrounds for a game in a medieval setting and this has taken time from this project.Once it is completed I will certainly be adding to it with new scenes and icons(some are now animated).I ask that you extend some patience in this regard and I have much appreciation for those that have written me about this site. I also must inform you that the URL for this page is changed as my server has restructured its web/e-mail setup.Please update your bookmark if you have one for this site.

Jim Beveridge
March 21,1999


November/December 1997

Birgitte crossing Kinslayer's Dagger Birgit

GaladGalad the "Self Righteous"

Lan's Cloak Lan

Far Dareis MaiMaidens on the move

Trolloc:A Meal's Eye View Dinner?

Moghedien is fitted for her Mindtrap Shadar & Moghedien

Head of the Horde A Myrddraal leading his Trolloc horde

Loial and Perrin at camp Loial & Perrin

Tylin Tylin and Mat...Mat

Rand confronts trollocs in Shadar Logoth Mashadar Feeds

The drawings on this page were random inspirations done after finishing theCrown of Swords. I'm not really into character studies, I'm afraid, but favor narrative pictures as far as my own stuff is concerned. They weren't done in any particular order.However I have a new sketchbook strictly for Wheel of Time-spirations.I am going to keep the drawings in chronological order and pick an image from each section, prologues included.
The sketches above will be incroporated in with the new ones if relevant.There are some color pieces too,but as these have been done in spare moments, time may be a constraint on the number.I tend to like to complicate the process when using Adobe Photoshop.

The first 17 Chapters (22 pictures) are up & they can be viewed
in order or individually
by clicking on the EotW icon directly below.

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