The Gallery of Beveridge Art
BIO:A Bit About Me
HI!! I'm James Beveridge....but you can call me Jim
Welcome to my gallery site.Here you will find images culled from my collection.
There are sketches, ink drawings, airbrush paintings and computer generated images.
ART:Galleries of Conventional and Digital worx
I've tried to bring here a wide cross sectional swath of subjects
from the conservative to the bizarre and even the slightly horrific.
You'll encounter more Phantasy than Reality here however.
LINKS:The Evergrowing List
Hopefully you enjoy or are at least somewhat stimulated by
what you'll find here.There's three main areas which are accessible from titles on the left bar
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A Note :These pieces represent only the tip of the tip of the iceberg.Many of the Digital works are "in progress".
It seems every time i look at them I have an urge to "play" some more on them.
Hi !!! How Are You Doin' T'day ?
So please feel free to look around and if you feel the need
to give me feedback, you can email me from the Bio page.
All artwork (with the exception of the piece based on H.R.Giger's Brain Salad Surgery) are
Original and Copyright by James F. Beveridge 2001