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BIO:A Bit About Me
I was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and have been drawing for most of my life.I started selling Fantasy Art
to buds in Elementary and on through my High School summer employment
doing portraits and caricatures to freelancing airbrush/illustrative work.
ART:Galleries of Conventional and Digital worx
In the fall of '77 I migrated to Edmonton, Alberta and set about making a niche for myself here.
I've found some creative freedom here. Having lived in the cacophonic cauldron of
of Toronto, the life here is so much more enjoyable.From the nightlife to the nature - it's got it all!
LINKS:The Evergrowing List
Came here ostensibly to just paint some murals but ended up freelancing in a variety of media and genres for various businesses and
promotional enterprises. I'm quite enjoying what I get to do and can't really see any other career I'd trade for this one.
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